Franke+Fiorella’s learnings from AIGA Design Camp 2018

Each fall, the designers on Franke+Fiorella’s team take a step away from the drawing board and make our way up North for AIGA’s Design Camp. Below we review our favorite takeaways from the keynote speakers on branding inspiration and insights. We...

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How we want to celebrate 25 years of Franke+Fiorella

We almost can’t believe it. Has it really been 25 years?

Yes, how the time can fly when working on amazing projects with awesome people and we’re all doing what we love. We couldn’t attempt to celebrate this experience in just one day, so instead...

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Authenticity in brand experience design

In today’s hyper-connected world, news travels around the globe in nanoseconds. Privacy is an illusion. Word-of-mouth no longer requires in-person encounters or that you even know the person. And we as people, and brands, can no longer hide from...

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